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 We are Cohesive Garage and our mission is simple; to bring together the vehicle, the shop and the owner to a like minded place where the client understands and feels safe about the service of his or her car. We specialize in BMW, VW, Audi, New Mini, Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Mazda, Subaru, Volvo as well as many other brands. Our experience spans the gamut from general car maintenance to advanced vehicle repairs and performance upgrades. Call or email anytime to discuss your questions with shop owner, Noah Shinn. 
Also call, for no particular reason, to discuss our other specialties: James Cameron movies, the best of anime, cheap drinks around Seattle, message board  trolling, freestyle rhyme battles and why hatez gon’ hate. Anyone who calls and beats Noah at a freestyle battle gets a free oil change and tire rotation. 

Doors are open! Schedule an appointment today.

Contact us at:
Phone: 206-299-2134 or
Text at -206-816-2691